Swedish National Heritage Board Autumn Moot

On Monday evening I’ll be going to Stockholm to attend the Swedish National Heritage Board Autumn Moot (phew!) and talk about Europeana and our collaboration with the Sw.NHB. So what’s that collaboration about then?

The Sw.NHB maintains the Swedish national data aggregator Swedish Open Cultural Heritage (SOCH) which provides about 1.2 million records to Europeana. And they aim to provide even more as one of the consortium members of the Europeana group project CARARE!!!

Stockholms innerstad. Vy mot Gamla stan och Söder.

Cyanotype of Stockholm centre.

During this autumn the Sw. NHB has also been one of the Europeana Search API pilots. The aim of the pilot was to test whether the API was ready to put into full service. I’m happy to say that we believe it is and that largely based on the fact that the Sw. NHB has put the API into full use in the SOCH search portal Kringla. Any search in Kringla now also searches and displays results from Europeana (here some lovely daguerreotypes)!!!

At the Autumn Moot I’ll demo and talk about Europeana in general, what Sweden can do to contribute, but above all talk about how we at Europeana can give back to our partners! Through e.g. the API and other means of distribution.

On a personal note, it’s with some mixed emotion I visit my old home city of Stockholm. Whenever the train from the airport rolls into the city a voice welcomes all who arrive, wishing those who visit an enjoyable stay and those who are coming home a Welcome home! I just don’t really know if I’m a visitor or coming home…

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