Scandinavian Stories

The last two days I’ve spent together with the lovely people who run the Swedish location based storytelling community Platsr. Platsr (roughly “Placez” in English) is a web community where anyone can create a point, a place, on the map and link texts, images and video to it to tell a story. Places can be co-created, tagged, commented on and so on by all members of the community. Through a mashup with the national heritage aggregator SOCH insititutional objects can be incorporated into the user created places. The objects can be “illustrations” only, but sometimes they’re at the heart of the place and story.

A story in Platsr

For the Swedish National Heritage Board who’s behind the inititative this is an opportunity to find out which places are imbued with meaning from the popular and personal perspectives. The Board already lists and records all buildings and archaeological sites that are protected by Swedish law, but as we all know that’s just part of the story. Or one story among many.

Platsr isn’t the only institutionally supported storytelling out there and more specifically it’s not the only one in Scandinavia. The Danes have launched “1001 fortaellinger” (“A 1001 Stories”) and the Norwegians “Digitalt Fortalt” (“Digital Stories”)!!! So clearly there’s a vibe right now in Scandinavia that the Internet is not only a channel for disseminating institutional information, but a channel through which the institutions can engage with, listen to and collect the people’s personal stories.

Do you think we should hold stories like these in Europeana? I think it would bring more life to us! And if you know any other location based storytelling sites out there please link to them in the comments.

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