Last week in links

So time for some new links with commentary. Second week and I’m already a day behind! Well, well… In any case here goes.

Powerhouse WordPress Plug-in
The Powerhouse Musuem released a collections API a while back. They have now also built an app on the API themselves in the form of a WordPress plug-in. The purpose of course is to encourage re-use of the PHM content by bloggers and WordPress-using institutions alike.

Also, the PHM would encourage any developer to build e.g. Drupal CMS-components on the API. I think this is an excellent strategy: build a few good example apps on your API and then encourage others to do the same.

Wolfram Alpha API
Computational Knowledge Engine Wolfram has released an API for their service. The name is rather abstract but W.A allows for the searching for facts, e.g. the distance between the Earth and the Sun or the duration and participating states of World War II. So the API could be an opportunity for GLAMs to mash-up contextual and factual information for persons, places, events etc. in their own services. Note that the API is not free beyond 2000 monthly API calls.

Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine
There are new beta versions of these two services for everyone to test and feedback on. The breadth of content in the IA is astounding and the Wayback Machine can give you that blast of the past experience when you look at old version of websites.

Culture Hack Day
The results of the Culture Hack Day have been put online, blogged and tweeted. It all seems to have gone very well! A colleague of mine was there to gain some experience for us at Europeana to arrange similar events.

Kennedy 1961
The JFK Library have created a John F. Kennedy Twitter persona in order to tell the story of the president online. With links to their collections of course! I think this is a good idea, helping to make collection items into true social objects. Also I think I remember some institution publishing a World War II-soldiers diary onl-line as a series of blog posts. Anyone remember which institution that was?

Europeana and Google, False rivals
Finally a link to this blog post (in French) that I really like. Personally, I don’t see Google and Europeana as rivals at all. Our services are very different and certainly not mutually exclusive.

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