eBooks on Demand (and supply)

There are the huge book digitisation projects, like Gallica or the various Google Books+Library X projects. Then there are the projects that attempt to integrate book digitisation in the daily workflow of libraries digitising books as needed, when needed. An example of the latter is eBooks on Demand which is part of the Europeana Connect project. Libraries part of the projects allow users of their library catalogs to pay for the first digitisation of a book under the condition that the resulting eBook is made freely available to all users after digitisation. Almost all of the books are in the public domain. Part of the project is also to set up an OAI-repository allowing Europeana to harvest the eBooks on Demand metadata records and we just made such a first small harvest to Europeana.

Arden Enoch

Enoch Arden by Alfred Tennyson. In Hungarian translation.

What I like about the project is the decentralised in the libararian’s workflow nature of the project. And the clear connection between demand and supply (digitisation). A connection that isn’t always clear in many large-scale digitisation projects otherwise.

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