Europeana and the Public Domain

At the start of the year we introduced the possibility for Europeana data providers to clearly mark their content with the Public Domain Mark that we introduced together with Creative Commons. So where are we now about half a year later?

[De revolutionibus orbium coelestium] Nicolai Copernici Torinensis De Revolvtionibvs Orbium coelestium, Libri VI […]

The origin of our current heliocentric model of the solar system.

Well, right now we have 463 057 items in Europeana that are Public Domain marked. Explicit license or rights statements are now becoming obligatory in Europeana so we’re hoping the amount of items with clear and explicit rights will continue to grow. And of course we hope more of our partners will support a growing cultural commons and our Public Domain Charter in practice!

Hamburgum / delineavit aerique incidit Joh. Bernhardus Schultz

A 1695 map of Hamburg.

If you’re looking for more Public Domain content on the web and can’t find it on Europeana try Wikimedia Commons, The Commons on Flickr, Project Gutenberg, or the Petrucci Music Library.

Or follow the newly launched Public Domain Review!

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