Explore Europeana in space and time!

A continuing challenge for any larger content repository is to visualize the results of the user’s searches in the best way possible. For many types of content one of the answer to the challenge is to display the results on a map. Another possible display format is the interactive timeline. But why not combine the best of these two formats? That’s exactly what our partners in the Europeana Connect project are attempting to do with the Europeana 4D application.

A powerful application, Europeana 4D (or E4D for short) allows the user to browse data in both space and time  by combining an interactive map with an interactive timeline. Up to four datasets can be browsed in parallel and the connections of individual data points over space and time visualized and animated. And those are just some of the features!

Screenshot of E4D showing the spread of crowns, snakes and lilies as watermark motifs.

E4D showing the spread of crowns, snakes and lilies as watermark motifs. Click to switch to interactive mode. Best browsers for E4D are Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

My favourite Europeana content to visualise are the watermark motifs from the Bernstein project! Apart from Europeana there are multiple other datasets (e.g. from Flickr, IMDB or Dbpedia) you can try out at the Europeana 4D demo site.

For the technically inclined the Europeana 4D search and browse is based on a number of Open Source projects, notably GeoServer, OpenLayers and SIMILE. It consumes standard KML-datasets, be they static or producede dynamically. The source code is available at Europeana Labs.  A simplified version of Europeana 4D will be integrated fully in the Europeana portal.

Why not integrate it with your own services!?

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2 Responses to Explore Europeana in space and time!

  1. kintopp says:

    Hi, just a quick note that your Leipzig based links are broken, e.g. http://www.informatik.uni-leipzig.de:8080/e4D/

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