Trying out Storify and summing up Hack4Europe Riga

This weekend Europeana and the Europeana Network organised hackathons in Warzaw and Riga. I played some remote support for the Riga event as I couldn’t be there in person. It was a good event and the winning serendipituous search app is fun to play around with!

I decided to kill two birds with one stone by summing up the hackday with Storify. Neither Storify nor Hackathons are very hip anymore (they’re sooo 2011…) but I’m a dinosaur. In any case I think Storify could be a good tool to quickly make multimedia summaries of events and it was really simple to use thanks to a very smooth UI. The Storify export to a hosted WordPress blog went very smoothlys as well as you can see!

The Story of Hack4Europe @TechHubRiga

  1. Let’s start off our story by getting into the mood thanks to this video from one of last year’s #Hack4Europe events!
  2. Barcelona´s Europeana Hackathon in the Museu Picasso
    Tue, Jun 21 2011 13:12:18
  3. The Director of the National Library of Latvia makes the introductions at the Riga Tech Hub.
  4. LNB_lv
    #Hack4Europe! Latvia has just started. Some introductory words from the director of @LNB_lv
    Sat, May 26 2012 04:20:02
  5. Along the way there were some questions from the developers.
  6. I did my best to play API remote support.
  7. After hours of intense development it was finally time to demo the prototypes!
  8. LNB_lv
    #hack4europe Latvia presentations have started. 2 days of great work done for @EuropeanaEU
    Sun, May 27 2012 08:12:30
  9. LNB_lv
    1st presentation “Postcard from Baltics” #hack4europe Latvia @EuropeanaEU
    Sun, May 27 2012 08:17:09
  10. LNB_lv
    And here comes the 3rd application “” #hack4europe Latvia @EuropeanaEU
    Sun, May 27 2012 08:44:09
  11. took home the honours!
  12. LNB_lv
    The winner of #hack4europe Latvia – “” Congrats @captsolo @torbjon @EriksRemess 🙂
    Sun, May 27 2012 09:52:13
  13. With the special prize from Microsoft Latvia going to History4You.
  14. allows you to browse images from Europeana Pinterest style. Start of with a query, explore further via the resulting items and share your results on the web. It makes searching Europeana content a little bit more fun and visual than in the regular portal! The app is online so try it out.
  15. We at Europeana would like to thank the organizers, sponsors and above all the developers who came to the hack!!! Though I couldn’t be here it was fun to take part on the remote. To round off our little Hack4Europe story I’d just like to show you all what gents our hackers are!
  16. TechHubRiga
    Dear @TechHubRiga residents #Hack4europe has left you some food for breakfast, enjoy!
    Sun, May 27 2012 12:07:38
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One Response to Trying out Storify and summing up Hack4Europe Riga

  1. Hey, nicely done. Could you tell me how you posted/exported from Storify to I keep trying the “Export” option and get the error message «name»:»Internal Server Error»,»code»:500

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