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Uploading 993 images to Wikimedia Commons in one go

 A couple of weeks ago I uploaded 993 photographs from the Swedish National Heritage Board’s image archive to Wikimedia Commons (on their behalf and with their agreement the of course!). The images uploaded cover Sami life in the North of Sweden and … Continue reading

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Big in Europeana – Japanese ceramics

Last week I started a blog series about how Japan has always fascinated the West and how this has led to extensive collections of Japanese art and crafts in European museums. I started off from TV-series Shōgun and ended with mentioning Japanese … Continue reading

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A blog series: Big in Europeana – Japanese art and artefacts

It was 1984, I was 12, and Shōgun was the TV-series all the kids were talking about. The violence! The nudity! The subtle aesthetics of Japanese art and crafts! Well, maybe not so much the last, or if so only subliminally, … Continue reading

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Greta Garbo – an iconic face

Just happened to make a search in Europeana for Greta Garbo (link goes to the preview of our new portal). We’ve got some wonderful pictures of her indeed! Thought I’d share. Or launch a thousand ships…

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My Europeana Plenary, part II: The Product Development Session and Hack4Europe

And now the two activitities that demanded most of my attention in Leuven. In some ways my experience was one of scurrying between the hackathon bullpen and the main plenary venue close by. The Product Development Session As Product Development … Continue reading

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My Europeana Plenary, part I: Europeana 1914-1918 and the eCloud

My last week was very much dominated by first preparing for and then attending our bi-annual plenary. I thought I’d share a summary and some thoughts of the event from my perspective. If that sounds boring just check out my … Continue reading

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Europeana 1914-1918 re-designed: Designing and implementing the user experience

Do you remember the design principles from the introductory blog post? No worries, here they are again: Showcase the stories told and the memorabilia shared, not the project and its consortium members Showcase the real persons these stories are about … Continue reading

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