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Understanding Fernando Pessoa through his library

I’ve recently discovered a collection in Europeana that quickly has become one of my favourites: the digitised library of the Portuguese author Fernando Pessoa. Checking out his library gives me that same feeling I get when I visit someone’s house … Continue reading

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Last week in links: Maps, maps, maps!!!

I really love maps. Especially historical ones or even maps of fictional worlds. Have loved them ever since I was a kid, poring over them and dreaming of far off places. Unsurprisingly, I’ve worked a lot with GIS (back when … Continue reading

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Quick thoughts on Qwiki

A while ago I signed up for the alpha of Qwiki. At that time I had real trouble getting the qwikis to play, but now I’ve had the time to return to the service. In the meanwhile a number of … Continue reading

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