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Last week in links: Maps, maps, maps!!!

I really love maps. Especially historical ones or even maps of fictional worlds. Have loved them ever since I was a kid, poring over them and dreaming of far off places. Unsurprisingly, I’ve worked a lot with GIS (back when … Continue reading

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Last week in links

Time again to sum up some of the links from last week that caught my eye. First out is the successful Kickstarter campaign by Smarthistory. I’m not surpised: Kickstarter and Smarthistory are both individually great services  and ideas so the … Continue reading

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Last week in links: Wikipedia as a platform, Integrated digital communication, Mobile apps business models, Google Analytics for Museums, Europeana Strategy and Commité des Sages report

Every week I delicious a lot of links related to the GLAM-scene. Sometimes peripherally, sometimes intimately. I thought I’d make it a weekly thing to comment on a few of them. Wikipedia celebrated its 10 year anniversary this week with … Continue reading

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