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Some thoughts on API Strategy shared at the Open Culture Data Masterclass

Last Monday I had been invited to make a short presentation on API Strategy at the Open Culture Data Master class (link leads to a site in Dutch BTW). As you can imagine from the name of the Master class focus … Continue reading

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Another test

Just doing some mock-ups for a new feature. Nothing to see here, move along.   About Otto Dix Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix (2 December 1891 – 25 July 1969) was a German painter and printmaker, noted for his ruthless and … Continue reading

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Wikipedia and Europeana combo mockup

UPDATE: It’s come to my attention that one of the paintings below isn’t by Matisse. Free virtual beer to the first commenter who identifies the odd painting out! Once more a little test-run of the Europeana Image Grid Generator prototype … Continue reading

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Understanding Fernando Pessoa through his library

I’ve recently discovered a collection in Europeana that quickly has become one of my favourites: the digitised library of the Portuguese author Fernando Pessoa. Checking out his library gives me that same feeling I get when I visit someone’s house … Continue reading

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Trying out an updated Europeana image grid generator

So my colleague and Europeana’s technical director Jan just updated his Europeana image grid generator app. Built on top of the Europeana API it allows for searching Europeana, selecting items from your results and turn them into a pure HTML … Continue reading

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Some background on the updated Europeana portal

The old Europeana portal has received, and deservedly so, criticism of being dry, not “happy” and unable to engage the user. Or to paraphrase a Tweetybird I overheard: I want an Artfinder built on Europeana content! The navigation and search … Continue reading

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Some hackathon lessons learnt

Just yesterday I came back home from the first Europeana Hackathon!  I’m still a little bit buzzed… The event went off on Friday and is the first of what I hope will be a few more this year. I thought … Continue reading

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