Baby steps in contributing to Wikipedia

When I attended Wikimania a couple of weeks ago I felt kinda guilty for not actually contributing to Wikipedia (or other Wikimedia Projects). As an individual I mean, Europeana works together with Wikipedians and Wikimedia projects already and we hope to do more of that. At Wikimania there was a lot of discussion concerning the (too) high threshold for newbies to start contributing. So I decided to at least try out contributing to Wikimedia Commons.

Europa och Tjuren

I bet Europa couldn't imagine being abducted this far north!? Statue by Carl Milles. Photo by yours truly.

So here’s my first attempt. A photo I took a couple of years ago at Millesgårdenjust outside of Stockholm. I found the Upload Wizard really easy to use. My two gripes are that I wasn’t able to categorize the images in the Wizard (I tried but it didn’t seem to take. UPDATE: It was me screwing up not the Wizard. Learnt how categorize now.) or mark an image with the Creative Commons Public Domain Mark. Also, it seems the Wikimedia Commons software can’t create thumbnails of large PNGs. However I made a cropped JPG-version of the lithograph of the gentleman below:

Portrait of Józef Kremer by Maksymilian Fajans. Cropped.

Portrait of Józef Kremer by Maksymilian Fajans.

For that second upload I also added Józef Kremer to the list of famous Poles portrayed by Maksymilian Fajans. And switched out the image of Kremer in his article as this image is superior in image quality and resolution to the one used before my change.

Now, I’ll wait to see if my first baby steps into Wikipedia will be greeted by silence, WikiLove or a nasty Wikibot eating my homework!?

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One Response to Baby steps in contributing to Wikipedia

  1. Bill Dane says:

    Your article is so good I’ve bookmarked it already.

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